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Movement: WAS and D
Basic attack: Left Mouse Button
Movement ability: Right Mouse Button (RMB)
Runic ability slot 1: Q
Runic ability slot 2: E

Key game mechanics:
Heat: Whenever you use an ability or dash, you gain heat. If your heat reaches max you will explode, dealing damage to yourself and anyone close to you.
Reduce heat: 
If you do not gain heat for a short time, your heat will cool off faster
Burn: Some of your abilities can apply burn, dealing damage over time. Burn can alter the effect of other abilities
Whenever you hit an enemy that is burning with your basic attack, you will heal for part of the damage done.
Unlocking new abilities:
After each wave, you will get to choose from 2 new powerups where you can only choose one. These powerups can be new "runic abilities" or passive effects that makes you stronger. New abilities will replace previous ones in the same slot.

How to win: The goal of the game is to protect the Druid from harm. If you are playing any other difficulty than infinite, you win by beating all the waves. If you or the druid dies before the last wave is beaten, you will lose the game and have to try again. Good luck!

This is a work in progress and only the first playable demo released to the public. 

Evergreen is a third person ability-based action-rpg.

Most features are not included in the Alpha.
In the Alpha build we only enabled combat, while features such as story and progression has been left out for now.

The game has support for multiplayer, but it is very experimental and you should treat it as a single player game. In multiplayer, there will be bugs and most likely lag, but if you want to try be sure to have steam open on your computer or use the same network as your friend(s).

At the moment, we have only released our first map/mission in order for the player to get a taste of the game. In this build you will be able to play as one of the playable characters, the "Pyromancer", and you will fight against ranged and melee enemies to defend the "Druid", which will be one of the playable characters in a future build.

Gameplay footage:

Made by:

Isak Wahl - Programmer

Johannes Skjeltorp-Borgaas -  Programmer

Christopher Eilertsen - Concept Artist & UI design

Stefan Rudebjer - 3D Artist & Music Composer

Carlos Maldonado - Animator

Marcus Johansen - VFX Artist


Problem: "My game has a black screen and is not responding"
Solution: Try waiting a bit before skipping the cutscene. If that doesn't work, restart the game. If that does not work, restart your computer.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorSnow Leaf Studios
Tags3D, Action RPG, Co-op, Multiplayer, Third Person


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Version 9

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